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Storm Shelters Manufacturer,

a division of Jim's Custom Homes, Inc.

Protecting Texas Families

Our state-of-the-art, steel storm shelters at Jim's Custom Homes, Inc. in Burleson, TX are a division of our construction business that have been serving the Lone Star State for more than 23 years.

About the Owner

Our president and owner, Jim Burns, cares deeply about the safety of our neighbors who are vulnerable to the damage, injuries and fatalities that can occur due to extreme weather conditions, such as tornadoes.

Jim’s passion is to provide the utmost in safety and affordability in our reinforced storm shelters for our neighbors across the region. During his career, Jim constructed many storm shelters for his residential and commercial clients.

Today, Jim and our team focus solely on the lifesaving features of storm shelters and bunkers for homeowners and businesses. Our storm shelters and bunkers can be designed and constructed in the state of Texas.

Jim and the team are here to help you and your families feel at ease with peace of mind during the most dangerous weather.

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